Kathleen Sileo’s
Professional Tutoring Service
Is your child stressed out by a particular subject?
Do you feel frustrated in your efforts to help?
Is homework a battleground?
               Your Family Feels Great

"Thank you for helping my son. He was discouraged and now he is hopeful."
- Mary, Dunmore

"Our son has made more progress in three months with you then he has in the past two years of school."
- Tim, Scranton

"Kathleen Sileo worked with our son and he went from needing special education classed to becoming an honor roll student."

- Denise, Moscow

"My child was treated by neurologist, speech pathologists and physical/occupational therapists and not one of these healthcare professionals was able to make the gains that this service has."

- Melissa, Old Forge

Parents consistently report an increase in their child's selfconfidence and a decrease in family stress over homework and studying for tests.

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